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Yritysjohdon valmennuskokonaisuus sinulle, 
joka haluat nostaa johtamisosaamisesi uudelle tasolle!

Valmennuskokonaisuus tarjoaa uusinta tietoa ja teorioita johtajuudesta sekä konkreettisia työkaluja arjen johtamistilanteisiin.


Masterclass for Leaders on yritysten ja organisaatioiden ylimmälle johdolle suunnattu aivan uudenlainen valmennuskonsepti

Kokonaisuuteen kuuluu kuusi johtamisen huippuosaajan valmennuspäivää, joista jokaista seuraa tiivis webinaari.

Valmennus johdattaa osallistujat tulevaisuuden tärkeisiin aiheisiin johtajuudesta. Osallistuja saa valmiudet syventyä omiin johtamistaitoihin, tutustua johtamisen kulmakiviin, johtajan olennaisiin ominaisuuksiin ja siihen, miten kehittyä omassa johtamistyössä.

Valmennuksen teemat keskittyvät johtajalle tärkeisiin arvoihin ja ominaisuuksiin, joiden merkitys kasvaa tulevaisuudessa.

Mistä on kyse
Koulutuksen teemat
  • EASI behavioral and motivation mapping
    EASI Behavior and Motivation Mapping helps you identify your own strengths and areas for improvement.Do you know how to motivate employees? And how best to support them in their personal development? EASI quickly identifies employees' behavioral and motivational styles, identifies the potential of teams, and helps develop collaboration and interaction skills. Trainer: Annika Vallo
  • Leadership in a changing and diverse working life
    Diversity and individuality are emphasized in today's leadership. The focus of leadership must shift from leading things to leading people. Individuality, different operating styles, ways of thinking and solving problems bring opportunities to rapidly changing situations and increasingly diverse work. On the other hand, they easily pose challenges if the diversity of people in management cannot be taken into account. Good self-knowledge and understanding of others will help you lead collaborations effectively with individuals in mind. Trainer: Ulla Vilkman
  • Self-management88
    The day focuses on leadership self-awareness and renewal. Even with the support of creative methods, we address difficult questions faced by the leader: how do I maintain focus in conflicting pressures for change? Do I dare to change myself? How does the knob stay bright - can you rest in uncertainty? What can stopping and silence give a leader? “Only you can change yourself.” Trainer: Leena Rautiainen
  • Relevant work management
    What elements make up the experience of meaningfulness and relevance of the work? Why is the theme strongly on the surface in the current debate on working life, and how can supervisors and managers, through their own actions, support the emergence of the experience of the relevance of work at its various levels? Trainer: Jaakko Sahimaa
  • Courage and psychological security
    In a complex and ever-changing world, bold organizations thrive. Those where leaders find the courage to create a psychologically safe atmosphere and the ability to see, support, and nurture their potential in people and processes.Psychological safety is the secret behind productive and effective teams that support people’s learning, development, and ability to innovate, according to research. But what factors in everyday life contribute to the emergence of psychological security? Trainer: Nina Rinne
  • Managing the emotional climate_8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d
    During the coaching day, you will go through how emotions affect the workplace and how you, as a leader, can influence the emotional climate of the workplace. At the event, you’ll get the latest research data, insightful perspectives, and concrete examples and tips to help you start developing your own emotional leadership skills.We go through both identifying and processing our own emotions and the ways we encounter other emotional reactions. The coaching day consists of short introductions and activating, personal reflections and exercises. Trainer: Jarkko Rantanen
  • Experience management
    Customer experience determines interest, willingness to buy, and loyalty. Customers don’t need us, they have to want us. Customer satisfaction is not enough to grow and even grow the entire market.In order to stand out from the competition, brand and customer experience must be derived specifically through emotional impact. How can the experience be shaped to inspire customers? Trainer: Isa Merikallio
Yhdistämme huippuasiantuntijat, jotta sinä saat kerralla kattavan johtamisen kokonaisuuden. Valmennuksessa pääset osaksi asiantuntevaa verkostoa, jossa ajatustenvaihto on helppoa, pääset oppimaan muilta, kuulemaan kokemuksia ja kehittymään itse johtajana.


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